May 15, 2006

Moving On

Made Out Of People has migrated: I'm blogging now at

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August 08, 2005

Picturing Usenet

I've been kind of short on blogging time recently. But I did recently co-publish Picturing Usenet, which tries to pull together some of the visualization work that's been going on in my group and tries to tie it together.

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July 28, 2005

Like you're doing the time warp

O'Reilly's Radar points to the side-by-side Microsoft Earth and Google Maps comparator.

There's been some weird press about MS's map not having Apple HQ, but it's interesting that in other places, Microsoft's map seems to be newer.

Check out UC Irvine which has been under a fair bit of construction. Zoom in four times, and don't pan. Check out the new computer science building in MSN, and the construction patch on Google. Follow East Peltason eastward to Palo Verde road, and check out the field that had become a construction site through most of 2004, and is now a housing complex. Not yet pictured.

There's a lot of other constuction, too.

Heck, just compare Irvine wintertime (green) to Irvine summertime (brown)...

July 27, 2005

Local Theater, Great and Not-So

It may be clear that I really like various local theater. Which is why you get a two-part review, in which Seattle (and, soon, New York) triumphantly bests San Francisco, below the fold.

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July 20, 2005

Starting to talk about SNARF

That project I mentioned before? We've now got an external web page up, so the world can wait in anticipation for us to be ready to release SNARF to the outside world.

July 17, 2005

Etched in Stone

My friend Cheshire got his first fifteen minutes of fame with the blockbuster movie Cooper Black: Behind the Typeface.

Now he's got a mystery noir. Etched in Stone

Check it out.

(Yes, he's a typeface geek. Apparently, they have conventions. That's why the credits rolls the typefaces and their designers. Kind of like Pixar movies roll every person who touched the Renderman code base.)

... "A Beautiful Mime." "The Perfect Swarm." heh, heh.

July 14, 2005

Shipping it

Even in Research, we sometimes ship product. Last night, I put the finishing touches on the web page, ran the install one last time to make sure it wouldn't throw me off, and shipped SNARF.

SNARF is still an internal tool: it won't see the light of out-of-Microsoft-day for a few months, yet. None the less, a release to a possible customer base of, oh, 78000 people can make one a little jittery. Doubly so, because each person's run is sending us back usage data. Are we collecting the right data? Will it be analyzable the way we think? Will we come up with sufficiently-interesting analyses?

Because if this works, it's going to be GREAT. Great for the users, whose email experience should be vastly improved. And great for researchers, who will get truly interesting information about how much email flow happens, how quickly, and when.

(An overview of SNARF will be presented at the upcoming CEAS conference.)

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