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i'm sorry

creperie, originally uploaded by deadroxy.

it's a long story. but i'm finally back in cali.

as a brief recap: i have bounced across the globe and back. i left boston on september 1st, almost missing my flight because an mbta bus had exploded into flames on the mass pike grinding the whole of boston to a halt. first stop: scotland. i did a whirlwind tour of the highlands [sandend, inverness, thurso, orkney, black isle] and drove on the wrong side of the road.

then i was in london for a night, and off to tokyo for ubicomp 2005 where i participated in the metapolis and urban life workshop, which was, in fact, awesome. after tokyo back to london for a few days then to paris for ecscw 2005 where we demoed* nimio! then due to typical life complications i got stuck in london for a while which was actually fantastically relaxing and needed because i was fairly ill by that point. then back to boston for a quick and crazy birthday.

and now, boof. new home in long beach.

so as you can see i've uploaded a bunch of photos from the trip to my flickr account for your viewing pleasure. most of you know the stories more or less, but for those of you who don't, these pictures go way beyond the few cracked out words i have to offer.

i'll be taking my phase ii [qualifying exam] next week so don't expect to much from me. but you [unless you are my advisor] never really did anyway, did you? ;]

*where demo indicates frantically finished assembling only minutes before showtime and managing to pull it off successfully nonetheless.


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